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Legislator: Eliminate Pa. SOL on child sex abuse

“This bill does what every grand jury has asked — it opens a two-year window so that victims of sexual abuse, who missed the statute of limitations, can pursue civil claims against the abuser who robbed them of their innocence and childhood. Hard copy evidence exists for many of these claims to be proven beyond any doubt. All we need are some courageous elected officials in Harrisburg who are willing to do the right thing.” Continue reading

Opinion Piece: More shame

More Shame Published: February 14, 2011 New York Times The Roman Catholic hierarchy in this country has promised accountability and justice for children sexually abused by priests. We fear it has a long way to go. A new inquiry has found that nearly a decade after the scandal engulfed the American church, children are still … Continue reading

Opinion Piece: Delaware Leads the Way on Sex Abuse

By Maureen Paul Turlish The Philadelphia Inquirer July 31, 2007 Delaware — On July 10, a history-making event took place in Delaware when Gov. Ruth Ann Minner signed into law what is believed to be the most comprehensive civil legislation concerning the sexual abuse of minors. Delaware residents, over a period of two years, worked … Continue reading

Opinion piece: S.B. 29’s application reaches beyond the Catholic Church

Letter to the editor, published in The News Journal, June 26, 2007 For those concerned citizens who believe that Senate Bill 29, the Child Victims Act, is a measure of protection that is limited to victims from within the Catholic faith organizations, I would pose one question. If the public sector, or state agencies, are … Continue reading

Opinion Piece: House should protect future victims and give past ones some justice

Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2007 as the lead editorial in the News Journal House should protect future victims and give past ones some justice The Delaware House of Representatives is scheduled to open debate today on Senate Bill 29, the Child Victim’s Act. House members should follow the actions of their Senate colleagues and pass … Continue reading

Opinion Piece: Should we put a time limit on justice?

Opponents of S.B. 29 want to let the worst offenders get away with their crimes By KAREN PETERSON Sunday, June 17, 2007 PERSPECTIVE In recent weeks, the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington has published a number of articles, letters and editorials purporting to support the objectives of Senate Bill 29, The Child Victims Act, while urging … Continue reading

Opinion piece: Those abused in childhood need law to pursue justice

Letter to the editor published in The News Journal June 7, 2007 For those of us who attended prior hearings on similar legislation, the state Senate hearing on Senate Bill 29 was an epiphany. We witnessed the fact that victims of childhood sexual abuse are no longer willing to have experts and advocates testify on … Continue reading

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