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Legislator: Eliminate Pa. SOL on child sex abuse

“This bill does what every grand jury has asked — it opens a two-year window so that victims of sexual abuse, who missed the statute of limitations, can pursue civil claims against the abuser who robbed them of their innocence and childhood. Hard copy evidence exists for many of these claims to be proven beyond any doubt. All we need are some courageous elected officials in Harrisburg who are willing to do the right thing.” Continue reading

Child Victim’s Act of Delaware

A number of individuals who were sexually abused as children came forward and asked Delaware's court system to pass a bill -- Child Victim's Act -- to help them seek justice, and to keep children safe today by exposing sexual predators and private and public institutions that have enabled abuse through gross negligence.

The bill was passed into law in 2007. It eliminated the civil statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children in the state of Delaware.

More than 175 lawsuits alleging past abuse were filed before the window closed in early July 2009.

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