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A groundswell to protect kids?

A groundswell to protect kids?
Pa., N.Y., Minn., Mass. and other states weigh CVA and SOL reforms

Grassroots statute of limitations reform efforts — that are ready to protect children and provide an avenue to justice for victims of childhood sexual abuse — are pending in state legislatures across the United States right now. But unless you and other voters take a moment to make your legislators aware of your support for the Child Victim’s Act, the special interests will win again. Documents will stay hidden. And worse yet, child molesters will continue to fly under the radar of law enforcement and hurt more and more children.

Children are vulnerable in states across the country because sexual predators and institutions are holding on to very dangerous secrets. Justice is being denied to victims because too many courthouse doors remain locked by archaic and arbitrary state statutes of limitation.

The encouraging news is that at this moment, versions of the eponymous Child Victim’s Act of Delaware are pending in several states, including Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota and Massachusetts. In fact, even California, the original civil window success story that inspired legislators and advocates in Delaware to create the Child Victim’s Act in 2007, is considering a new version of the law it enacted a decade ago. Notable too is that a version of civil window in Delaware’s Child Victim’s Act is in effect now in Hawaii and the law is already exposing decades of shocking abuse and institutional cover up.

Protecting children is our responsibility as adults. The good news is that we have a proven tool to uncover decades of dangerous secrets and long-hidden documentary evidence. This powerful tool is the civil window of the Child Victim’s Act.

I urge you to visit Child Victims Voice’s reform partner and join the grassroots movement to protect kids at the new and improved SOL REFORM Web site.

1. Go to http://www.sol-reform.com
2. Hit state button
3. Hit “contact representative” tab on left
4. Input your ZIP code, and your elected representatives will pop up — go to your state representative and send a short note asking for his or her support for the SOL bills pending in your state.

Matthias Conaty
Founder, Child Victims Voice
Web: http://www.childvictimsvoice.com
Twitter: @matthiasconaty
E-mail: childvictimsvoice@gmail.com


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