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Opinion Piece: Child abusers should not be allowed to get away with it

Letter to the editor, published in The News Journal, April 10, 2007

After reading the article regarding Senate Bill 29 and attending the committee meeting in Dover, we felt compelled to voice our views on this matter. As we listened to the victims talk of their experiences we were numb. We have never heard anything so horrible. This bill must be passed.

Sexual abuse is a heinous crime with long-term consequences for victims. In this day, how can any state allow these pedophiles to get away without making them face any consequences? The statute of limitations must be suspended to expose sexual predators. It must be removed. The “devils” who abused these children must be held accountable for their actions — there is no excuse! How dare anyone let these horrible actions be swept under the carpet like nothing happened? Identify them, stop protecting them and drag them into court. They have been free long enough. It is common sense to allow S.B. 29 to be passed with no amendments. It is a fair bill that needs to be passed for the children. Please don’t forget the fact that this bill doesn’t single out any one institution or type of institution.

Joseph and Paula Wachter, Wilmington


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