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Opinion piece: Concern about child predators outweighs fears about S.B. 29

Letter to the editor, published in The News Journal, May 19, 2007

Senate Bill 29 is intended to protect all children in Delaware from predators.

However, other than the insurance companies, we have only one well-funded, determined, institution that is fighting against the protection sought in S.B. 29 — the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.

In our media-saturated culture we are familiar with political spin and carefully worded statements that obscure what is right and true. The diocese plays the game well.

We should remind ourselves that actions speak louder than words. Spokespersons for and from the diocese, please spare us doom and gloom scenarios about what this bill will mean for the future of the diocese.

We are paying dearly for your past neglect of our children. The price of this intentional neglect is much higher than any threat you can concoct. Do not try to protect me from the imagined collapse of the diocese.

Until we can practice what we preach about reconciliation and repentance, we are already bankrupt. We are living a true crisis of faith.

Beth Cresswell, Bear


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