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Opinion piece: This Catholic can absorb the harm to church by S.B. 29

Letter to the editor, published in The News Journal, May 21, 2007

I was one of many Delawareans in Dover to hear public comments concerning S.B. 29 that would eliminate a statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases.

One of the views presented by a Delaware priest suggested this bill could hurt parishes, our churches and schools because of the cost of future lawsuits.

As a practicing Catholic Christian those kind of statements do not frighten me. We can celebrate our faith in private homes if need be.If our Catholic Church wants to recover we need to take total responsibility for our actions,and then suffer the consequences.

I am prepared to suffer any consequences because the abused need to be heard, and get a fair hearing when their abuse is reported. This is a law to protect children not institutions.

Stop protecting the abuser and let the voices of the children be heard.

Jody Poole, Newark


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