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Opinion piece: One lone priest supported Senate bill on sexual abuse

Letter to the editor published in The News Journal June 2, 2007

I would like to express my thanks to those members of both the House and Senate for hours upon hours spent in listening to the testimonies and views of the citizens of Delaware with regard to Senate Bill 29. The coverage of the News Journal on this bill has also been fair and accurate.

However, your May 30 article about the bill being passed out of committee neglected to report the Rev. Richard Reissmann’s testimony in support of the bill. He was the very first among all clergy to have the courage to come forward and speak. How sad is that?

It was clearly evident in the chamber by both the applause and the standing ovation he received that both Catholics and non-Catholics alike have had enough. It was clear this bill does not bash Catholics.

When institutions and those who represent them continue to place money and assets over the complete protection of children, we the people will do everything we can to stand in opposition.

Carlene M. Sandella, Bear


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