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Opinion piece

Opinion piece: Support needed for victims’ rights bill to become law

Letter to the editor published in The News Journal June 5, 2007

I share the views of two recent letter-writers who eloquently stated that concern about child predators far outweighs the fears about S.B. 29 and that if we neglect the abused, the price will be much higher for the Catholic Church than any presumed financial consequences.

Surely some individual priests see the hypocrisy in the protection of assets vs. justice for the victims of abuse. Where are these priests? Why are they not speaking up and encouraging the passage of S.B. 29? Are they not aware that only a small percentage of abusers are in the the Catholic Church? Don’t they believe in taking responsibility for past sins? Isn’t that what they teach us?

Now is the time for all of us to let our representatives know we support S.B. 29, the Child Victims’ Act, as written.

Loretta Kilby, Wilmington


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